Don’t panic about how Britain will afford its Coronavirus bill

Having a passionate national debate now about specific future tax and spending plans is like having a debate about how to fund the restoration of Notre Dame while it is burning down. It is too early for many reasons, but mainly because we just don’t know yet what the shortfall is.

Coronavirus panic buyers should calm down

It is a sign of our extraordinary times that the main trade association for shops – the British Retail Consortium – is sending out an urgent message to customers: “buy less”. More specifically, they have urged people not to buy more than they need.

What's next for East West Rail?

Following the welcome announcement last week from Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, that East West Rail will take a northern route via Cambourne, the next step is to consider the precise location of the station in Cambourne and the onward route that the line will take into Cambridge.

East West Rail to take northern route

Photo above: meeting with Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps (right) and Transport Minister, George Freeman (left) to discuss EWR.

General Election 2019 Result

I am delighted and deeply honoured to have been elected as the MP for South Cambridgeshire at the general election on 12 December 2019.  This is the constituency in which I grew up and I care passionately about its future success.  I will do everything I can to ensure that South Cambridgeshire co

Concreting over the countryside

Hear about proposals to build 1800 new homes - concreting the fields and could result in a new town incorporating Foxton, Shepreth and Barrington. Let's keep these villages as villages

Fairer school funding

Schools in South Cambs are historically massively underfunded compared to schools in surrounding counties. Anthony will champion proper school funding in South Cambs