What's next for East West Rail?

Following the welcome announcement last week from Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, that East West Rail will take a northern route via Cambourne, the next step is to consider the precise location of the station in Cambourne and the onward route that the line will take into Cambridge.

Having spoken with residents in Cambourne, it is clear that their favoured location for the station is to the north of the town, where it will avoid the much loved nature reserve to the south and will provide better connections with other transport links, such as the A428.

I believe there are also good arguments for the line taking a northern route into Cambridge, where it would connect up with Cambridge North station and then onward to Cambridge and the new Cambridge South station. I will be discussing this option further with local stakeholders and the Department for Transport.

I am pleased that the Transport Secretary has written to confirm that he will work closely with me, and the local community, when considering these matters. You can read a high resolution copy of his letter below.


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