Anthony questions three former Chancellors on Covid-19 recovery

As part of his work on the Treasury Select Committee, Anthony Browne MP questioned the Rt Hon Baron Darling of Roulanish, the Rt Hon George Osbourne CH, and the Rt Hon Phillip Hammond on how they would respond to both the crisis and the upcoming programme of recovery. 

Statement: Dominic Cummings

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting us very deeply, both collectively and as individuals.  Some have lost their lives. Some have lost loved ones in the most difficult circumstances.  Everyone has seen normal life change profoundly.

MP calls for democracy to be preserved in planning

Anthony Browne, MP for South Cambridgeshire, is supporting a compromise proposal following strong opposition to a new scheme of delegation proposed by South Cambs District Council’s (SCDC). 

Don’t panic about how Britain will afford its Coronavirus bill

Having a passionate national debate now about specific future tax and spending plans is like having a debate about how to fund the restoration of Notre Dame while it is burning down. It is too early for many reasons, but mainly because we just don’t know yet what the shortfall is.