Anthony Browne MP - CSET Survey

We all agree that South Cambridgeshire needs better public transport. However, there is significant disagreement about how best to achieve this. That's why I'm asking for your views on one of the most controversial projects in development in South Cambridgeshire - CSET. 

What is CSET? 

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is tasked with providing better public transport in and around Cambridge. One of their flagship projects is the Cambridge South East Transport scheme, also known as CSET, which would see a new busway (a purpose-built road for buses only) built entirely through the countryside to connect the Biomedical Campus with a new park and ride near Babraham. On the map below, the proposed route is in yellow. 

More information on the project can be found on the Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership's website here.

Why is this survey important? 

Many residents and their parish councils, as well as prominent environmental and transport groups, have expressed grave concerns about the CSET proposals. These include the unnecessary destruction of our countryside and the cost of the project, which may not represent good value for taxpayers' money. Opponents have proposed various alternatives, including adding a new bus lane to sections of the A1307 (as shown in green on the map below).

There could also be an option to reopen a rail link between Cambridge and Haverhill in the longer term. However, if the GCP's CSET busway scheme goes ahead a new rail link would almost certainly not be possible. 

Cambridge Past, Present, and Future have compiled a useful summary of the main concerns, which can be found here. 

Map of the GCP's Busway route (yellow) & alternative proposals (green) 

Map of CSET and alternative proposals

  • Yellow - GCPs proposed CSET route, including the park and ride site outside Babraham 
  • Green - A potential alternative solution being promoted by opponents of the GCP route

It is vital that I understand your views on this. Filling out this survey takes just a few minutes, and the information you provide will help to inform my discussions with local and national decision-makers.

CSET survey