Cambridgeshire Congestion Charge Petition

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Petition statement 

We, the undersigned, oppose the inclusion of a Congestion Charge in the Public Transport and City Access Strategy. The GCP's proposed scheme will: 

  • Unfairly penalise drivers who have no realistic alternative to driving through the new charging zone, imposing up to £1,300 in extra taxes each year on local shift workers, working parents, tradespeople, the frail and vulnerable (and their carers) and all residents of the city. 
  • Impose a charge to use our city’s hospitals, including Addenbrooke’s and Royal Papworth, reducing access to essential healthcare for our most vulnerable residents, their families, and NHS staff. 
  • Increase traffic in areas outside the charging zone, with GCP’s own analysis showing a potential 15% increase in our local villages.  

 For these reasons and many more listed by signatories, please ensure the proposed congestion charge is not introduced. 

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