What does St Neots need?

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Residents have expressed dismay at underwhelming plans for the town centre by the new coalition at Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC).

The Conservatives have proposed an exciting blueprint for St Neots that would include millions towards refurbishing the Old Falcon Hotel and rejuvenating the Priory Quarter.By contrast, HDC's proposals involve tinkering with parking and seating. Conservatives believe St Neots deserves better.

Anthony's recent survey revealed that over 10% of residents hold a positive opinion of the town centre, while a staggering 54% view it negatively. Eighty percent of respondents wanted to see immediate enhancements, with the renovation of the Old Falcon coming top of their list.

One of Anthony's visits highlighted the loss of several major retailers, such as Brittains, and he is now working on a new campaign with Conservative Councillor Andy Jennings to attract businesses to the opportunities St Neotscan offer.

Anthony said: "St Neots is a beautiful town with some great independent shops and eateries, proving that the right businesses can flourish here. I'm committed to helping the town build on that success by promoting retailers that local people want to see here."

Click here to fill in my survey and let me know what St Neots needs!