In Parliament

This section is designed to answer any questions you may have about my role as your Member of Parliament (MP) and how I can help you.

Members of Parliament are elected to the House of Commons to represent the interests and concerns of all the people who live in their constituency, whether they voted for them at the General Election or not. They are only able to deal with issues raised by people who live in their constituency, called constituents.

To check if you are one of my constituents, please enter your postcode on the Parliament website.

MPs consider and vote on legislation and use their position to ask government ministers questions about current issues.

We split our time between working in Parliament and working in the constituency. In Parliament, I spend my time fighting for the interests of all my constituents, attending debates, scrutinising and voting on legislation, working as part of the Treasury Select Committee, campaigning on key local and national issues, chairing the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Environment, and attending many other meetings and engagements. Locally, I hold advice surgeries for my constituents (where they can come and talk to me about any local issues and problems), attend meetings and community events, as well as visiting local organisations and businesses to champion the many success stories across the constituency.

Contributions in Parliament

Below, you can see my latest speeches and appearances in Parliament (provided by theyworkforyou):