Nature Friendly Farming

Why I am campaigning to promote nature friendly farming

Many residents and their parish councils, as well as prominent environmental and transport groups, have expressed grave concerns about the CSET proposals. These include the unnecessary destruction of our countryside and the cost of the project, which may not represent good value for taxpayers' money. Opponents have proposed various alternatives, including adding a new bus lane to sections of the A1307 (as shown in green on the map below).

There could also be an option to reopen a rail link between Cambridge and Haverhill in the longer term. However, if the GCP's CSET busway scheme goes ahead a new rail link would almost certainly not be possible. 

The CSET Busway is one of several poorly thought out projects that attempt to tackle the real problems we have with transportation in South Cambridgeshire. To find out more about my vision for transport in South Cambridgeshire, go to my Transport campaign section or sign up for my newsletter


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