My Plan

  • Improving roads and rail

    South Cambridgeshire has the fastest growing population in the country, but our transport system hasn’t kept pace. The roads have turned into car parks in rush hour, causing long and frustrating commutes to work, school and home.

  • Fairer school funding in South Cambs

    Schools in South Cambs are historically massively underfunded compared to schools in surrounding counties, and equivalent schools elsewhere. We have the sixth lowest funding for schools in the country, with £400 less per pupil than the national average.

  • More police and safer communities

    South Cambs has experienced rapid growth, but the number of police hasn’t kept pace. Rapidly growing communities such as Cambourne don’t have the police cover they deserve, leaving residents concerned about crime.

  • Supporting our farmers through Brexit

    Many farmers voted for Brexit out of frustration with EU bureaucracy. However, Brexit also brings particular uncertainty to farmers because many also receive EU agricultural grants, and benefit from the EU imposing tariffs on imports from other countries.