Local Support Groups

In order to facilitate volunteering efforts, please find below links to local support groups or Facebook pages. Each is named for the area it operates in.

If there is any local information you would like to see on my website or make me aware of please do contact me via email at anthony.browne.mp@parliament.uk

A list of links to local organisations with information and guidance:

Cambridgeshire County Council

South Cambridgeshire District Council

Cambridge City Council (changes to service) 

Cambridge City Council (links and guidance)

Citizens Advice Bureau

A list of local groups 

Bassingborne - bassingbournhelpers@gmail.com

Cambourne - info@CambourneCrescent.org


Madingley - clerk@madingleyparishcouncil.org.uk 

Oakington & Westwick - owneighbours@gmail.com

Papword Everard - Papworthcovid19@gmail.com

Thriplow - thriplowcoronavirus@gmail.com

Shelford & Stapleford 

Swavesey - clerk@swavesey.org.uk

Swavesey Together - jokerr99@gmail.com / lisa.veit@gmail.com / cambridgegills@hotmail.com


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