Improving roads and rail

South Cambridgeshire has the fastest growing population in the country, but our transport system hasn’t kept pace. The roads have turned into car parks in rush hour, causing long and frustrating commutes to work, school and home. I support both upgrading the major roads in the constituency, but also improving public transport and cycleways. My policies include:

  • a new rail station at Cambridge South by Addenbrooke’s, so workers can more easily get to the biomedical hub. 
  • develop the Cambridge Metro, promoted by the Mayor James Palmer, with guided busways into the City
  • upgrade A428, and the A505 east of Royston
  • support East West Rail, but going via the Northern route with a stop at Cambourne rather than the Southern route with a stop at Bassingbourn (see coverage of my campaign here)
  • sort the rail crossing of the A10 at Foxton, one of the worst road-rail crossings in the country, which creates a real bottleneck for vehicles getting in and out of Cambridge
  • more cycleways around the constituency into Cambridge, so cyclists don’t have to risk the busy roads. I used to cycle along the A10 to school, but now there is a cycle path making it far safer. Increasing the number of cyclists improves health, and reduces traffic and pollution
  • improved bus services into the villages, particularly those with currently limited or no access

See my latest news on improving roads and rail in South Cambridgeshire and my other campaigns here.