Huawei & 5G

I am assured that the Government’s decision on Huawei and other high risk vendors was taken on the basis of national security. Widespread deployment of 5G and full-fibre networks is, of course, a primary objective of Government policy, however I am clear that this must not be achieved in a way that compromises our national security. I know that Ministers share this view.

It is essential that our digital networks are both secure and resilient, and this is why the Government undertook a comprehensive review of the supply arrangements in our 5G and full fibre networks. The Review concluded that it will be necessary to put in place additional controls on high risk vendors, such as Huawei, that pose a higher risk to our 5G and full fibre networks. For both of these networks, high risk vendors should be excluded from those parts of the network that are critical to security. The presence of high risk vendors should also be limited in other parts of those networks, such as sensitive geographic locations.

I am pleased that this decision has been taken with national security as the foremost consideration. It will allow us to deliver world leading digital infrastructure for the UK, meaning our economy will be best placed to take advantage of the many opportunities of the digital economy. Further, I understand that over time it is the intention for the market share of high risk vendors to be reduced, as market diversification takes place