Fairer school funding in South Cambs

Schools in South Cambs are historically massively underfunded compared to schools in surrounding counties, and equivalent schools elsewhere. We have the sixth lowest funding for schools in the country, with £400 less per pupil than the national average. Teachers are often not able to provide the services they want, some schools are reducing their hours, and others are cutting teaching assistants. I have visited schools with such limited resources, they have just one computer to share across the classrooms, and parents have to paint the classrooms because the school can’t afford decorators. 

The national Conservative government has pledged an extra £14bn for schools, including increasing teacher starting pay to £30,000. South Cambs will particularly benefit from that, increasing funding per pupil by about £200 per year. But that only closes part of the gap. If elected, I will champion proper funding for our schools so they can provide the excellent service that teachers want to.

I know the value of local education: I went to the primary school in the village of Fowlmere, which despite having three years of pupils in each class, managed to provide an excellent education, enabling me to get a bursary to go to the Perse School, which is also in the constituency. 


A-Level Results - Statement

I completely understand and sympathise with the horrendous predicament that many students have found themselves in, unable to go to school, unable to do exams, and then only to get their predicted results downgraded by a computer programme which rips up their hopes for the future.